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Nov 17, 2017 @ 9:01am

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Thesis Distractions

Guided Mediations - mindfulness

Here is a link to some free guided meditations. Meditation may be a helpful distraction that aids in your efforts to eventually refocus on your thesis!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text game

The BBC has brought the popular 1985 text game back to life. Based on Douglas Adams' radio play (later published in book form as a four-part triolgoy) this text game allows you to play the part of Arthur Dent. And die. A lot.

Grab your towels!

North East Lynx Comic Archive

Misssing your weekly dose of NorthEastLynx from The Martlet?  Creators Patrick Murry and Mike Parolini have you covered.

Upcoming Oral Defence Schedule

Masater's Candidates

Doctoate Candidates

lol My Thesis

Tired of the puzzled looks you face when explaining your research?  LolMyThesis allows you to sum up years of work in once sentence.  Find out what you've actually been working on!

Waiting in Line 3D

Just in time for Black Friday, check out this thrilling new game from Rajeev Basu!

"Derange.It" Anagram Maker

Information Aesthetics: Data Visualization & Information Design

Where form follows data.

Pop Bubble Wrap

Need we say more?

Pun Generator

The lowest form of humour may be the highest form of procrastination?

CFUV research podcasts

"Beyond the Jargon" is a new radio show featuring Grad Student research.  Hosted by Colleen and Mario.

Notorious PhD

Journal of Universal Rejection

Is my thesis hot or not?

I love diagrams

Awful Library Books


And for crafty types … design your own fabric on spoonflower (just for fun, or you can order it printed on cotton!)

Bike Hacks

 For cyclists like me, there is also bike hacks. <le sigh>.

The Thesis Whisperer

Read the thesis whisperer … because really that is just skill development.


PhD Comics




Make your own fireworks with a mouse click.

Tomoku Puzzles

Produced by UVIC CSC Grad Student Alejandro Erickson, check out tomoku puzzles!

Tenure, She Wrote

A group of women who are PhD students and young faculty write articles on academic life for women

Equal parts inspiring and frustrating, but always insightful.