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Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:00am

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Car Co-Op

Car Co-opGraduate Students at UVIC can join the  Modo Carshare Coop through the GSS for a one time, non-refundable fee of $35 ($25 GSS & $10 Modo). The GSS has purchased shares in the co-operative and interested graduate students should contact the GSS Genral Office for details.

This service is intended to provide a low-cost means to enjoy the car share coop for graduate students; regular car share membership fee is a one-time $500 fee which is refundable when you leave the coop. The co-op also has some low cost options for occasional users.

GSS car co-op membership lasts for the duration of your membership in the GSS (i.e. while you are a UVIC grad student), and entitles you to full membership in the car share program, with the grad student as the sole driver. If you are already a member, your original membership fee can be refunded so you can participate in our cheaper rate during your studies–but if you have a spouse or family, please note that this grad student membership only permits one driver (the student).

Membership in the car coop is usually beneficial for those who don’t drive often, but wish to have a reliable, low cost car for occasional short trips or errands, to carry something heavy from the store, or for longer distances, such as a trip to Mystic Beach and other great BC Parks in our area!  If you want to drive every day, this program won’t be for you. If you want to use a car occasionally without the hassle of owning and monthly insurance bills, this might be the perfect option!

The price list for member-owners is available here.  The CarSharing Handbook and Modo's New Member Sheet are an excellent introduction.

There is one car parked on the UVic campus, and one in the Family Student Housing complex. There is another car parked nearby at Tuscany Village. Many other vehicles are located in neighbourhoods around Victoria. Driving rates and more information is available at

For more information, or to join the GSS Carshare Program, please contact the GSS Office Coordinator.