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Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:00am

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Handbook Photo Contest - extended deadline

Are you a camera buff? Love taking photos?

Why not enter the GSS Handbook Cover Photo Contest!?


Who is eligible:

Any current graduate student is eligible to enter this contest.


What sort of photos do you need?

The photo we are looking for is:

- high enough quality for printing (printing will be minimum 300 ppi (more info on image quality))

- full colour

- vertical orientation (The handbook is printed on a page that is 13.97 cm (5.5") tall and 21.59 cm (8.5") wide).

- features UVIC, graduate studies, or the natural environmental around UVIC in some way

- is compatible with text overlay for the handbook title

- have not been manipulated, except for cropping


What do I win?

The photo selected will be the cover photo of the GSS handbook, and the photographer wins a $25 gift card to the Grad House. The photographer will be fully credited in the handbook and retains copyright over their work.


How many photos can I enter?

The maximum entry is four photos per student.


How do I enter?

Send your photo (in the largest possible file size, preferably in TFF format) to gssdcomm[at], or bring it on a memory stick to our office by July 8th, 2015 at noon.




More information on photo quality

Printing requires higher quality images than publishing photos on the web. Many phone cameras will not take high enough quality photos for this contest, OR must have settings adjusted to create the image.

to determined whether your camera can make a 300 ppi image for the print size we need, you need to look into its specifications. These will tell you the picture resolution in a number expressed like this "1,600 x 1,700"

This  example means 1,600 pixels horizontal x 1,700 pixels vertical. If you can't find this information, you can calculate your picture resolution with the megapixel number of your camera and its aspect ratio, using this method.

You can then calculate whether this will meet the print requirement of 300 ppi for any size page using this calculator.

For our 8.5" (vertical) x 5.5" (horizontal) page example, the camera you use needs to have pixel dimensions of 2550 x 1650.