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Jul 25, 2017 @ 8:50am

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Information for new Grad Students

Welcome to UVic!

This page is intended as a handy introduction to the events and services that can help you get your program rolling.  Can't find what you're looking for?  Contact the GSS Office Coordinator at 250-472-4543 or via email.

Drop by the GSS Office (rm 102 in the Halpern Graduate Student Centre) to pick up your day planner, get to know your graduate society, and sign up for our Weekly Bulletin listserv.

The GSS provides a variety of services for grads, including the U-Pass (bus pass) program, the extended health and dental plans, boardroom and lounge space, social event programming, child care bursaries, conference travel grantsadvocacy and support, department grants to support social and academic grad student initiatives, a Modo Careshare Coop program, and the Beyond the Jargon radio show on CFUV, UVic's campus and community radio station.  We also represent grad students to the University Administration and broader community, both by electing grads to decision-making bodies and through campaigns.

We also operate the Grad House restaurant, which provides excellent food at great prices in a friendly, accessible environment open to all.

Part of your student fees support clubs and constituency groups that serve the campus community, and which you can join.

It's a good idea to read the supervisory relationship document, which outlines the rights and responsibilities between your supervisor and you.  A graduate student’s relationship with their supervisor is very important to a good experience in graduate school, and this document may help you develop a plan for completion in conjunction with your supervisor.

Feeling unsure of where to start?  The Faculty of Graduate Studies has a variety of checklists to help you get organised!

If you need help with your thesis or want to develop your academic commmuinication skills, the Centre for Academic Communication can help!  They provide one-on-one coaching from experienced writing tutors, support for international graduate students, and workshops on teaching dossier development, project management, and writing skills.

Feeling unsure of your instructional skills?  Want to become a better TA?  The Learning and Teaching Centre provides skill development through bi-annual conferences, ongoing workshops, and the LATHE certificate program.

Cooperative and Career Services runs the Pathways to Success program, which provides career and professional development for workshops.  Check out their schedule of workshops and register online.