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Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:00am

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Say No! To Tuition Hikes for International Students


At the upcoming Board of Governors Meeting, UVIC will consider a proposal to begin increasing international tuition at a higher rate than increases to domestic tuition.  We need your help to stop this!

Domestic tuition increases are capped at 2% per year by BC policy, and UVIC has always chosen to apply the 2% cap to international tuition as well. If the proposed change is approved, international tuition could increase up to 5% starting in May 2017.


This proposal is unfair to international students and the GSS is actively opposing it. We need your involvement to make sure we send the strongest message possible to UVIC. **Letters to the Board of governors should be sent by March 13 at noon in order to be englosed in the Board's Agenda Docket**

Let’s convince the Board of Governors to vote against this proposal on March 28, 2017.


 Please help us get the word out by joining and forwarding the facebook event notice:

#StopTheHikes (send tweets to uvic)


Sample Text to use when emailing the BOG 

***Send by March 13 at noon***

March 8, 2017


Ms. Daphne Corbett,

Chair, Board of Governors

University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, STN CSC

Victoria, BC, V8W 2Y2


By email to


 Dear Ms. Corbett,


I am writing to express my dismay that UVIC is considering changes to longstanding practice of tying international and domestic tuition increases to the provincial cap on domestic tuition. While this proposal may seem innocuous, the impact on international students is anything but harmless.


Since international tuition is higher than domestic tuition, the current practice of applying a 2% increase to all tuition already results in international students paying more. For most international graduate students, a 2% increase will add $132.67 to their tuition next year, while a 5% increase will mean a $333.67 jump. For a student in the Masters of Global Business program, a 5% jump in tuition would mean an increase of $1295. For the MSC and MEng programs, where there are many international students, a 5% increase means finding an additional $696/year.


This may not seem like a lot of money to some, but for a student on a tight budget, this increase is significant. This is especially true when you consider international students will have to prepare for a jump in expenses taking effect in a matter of weeks if the Board of Governors approves this change in tuition this month.


The short notice about this proposal raises another concern. Graduate students learned about this proposal only recently, and international students have not been consulted in preparing the proposal. As a result, there has been no opportunity to learn from international students about the impact this change will have. Consequently, I am concerned that any plan being proposed to mitigate the negative impact of the proposal is based on guess work. If UVIC does not know how this change will affect international students, it cannot effectively budget or prepare for programs to address the impact.


Just like the members of the Board of Governors, graduate students care about the quality of research and education at UVIC. Graduate students are central to UVIC’s success raising research funding, and, international graduate students in particular are key to developing an international reputation for UVIC research. I believe it will be better for UVIC if this change in tuition policy is not implemented. I am asking the Board of Governors to vote against this proposal and maintain its current tuition policy for international students when this motion comes before the Board on March 28.