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Be your department grad rep!


Grad students: Be your department Graduate Students’ Society Rep


“Grad Reps” are elected by grad students in their department to serve on the Graduate Students’ Society Graduate Representative Council.


 What do the Graduate Representatives do?

* represent the interests of fellow grad students in your department

* report back to your home department on discussions and decisions made during grad council meetings

* where possible, sit on one university committee a year

* hold a departmental meeting at least once a semester to discuss common issues of concern and bring concerns and issues raised back to grad council

* participate in major governance decisions about the GSS (e.g. last year, the Grad Rep Council was involved in discussions regarding changes to the health and dental plans)

* attend the monthly grad rep council meetings the Annual General Meeting and Semi-annual General Meeting

* participate in GSS sub committees and represent graduate students to committees of the university


How do I become the Graduate Representative?

It is up to students in each department to select a representative.

Where there is not a department graduate student council holding an election meeting, interested students usually submit their name to the graduate secretary. If there are several candidates, elections are held either by ballot in the department office, email vote or election at a meeting of all graduate students in the department.

The nature of the election is determined by the students in the department, and usually depends on the number of students enrolled, whether the department has a departmental graduate student association that can administer the election, and whether students are studying by distance. Departments should make efforts to select the representative before the first meeting of the Council on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Can there be more than one representative for a department?

Grad Council meetings are open to all members of the Society. However, each Academic unit has only one vote. If the representative is unable to attend a meeting, an alternate may attend in her/his place. If a representative fails to attend three consecutive meetings without sending an alternate, she or he shall be deemed to have resigned from the Council.


My program has several sub-groups. Does each have a rep?

The GSS uses the list of academic units provided by the University, here:

Each of these units has a representative on the GSS Graduate Representative Council.


When does the Council meet?

Grad Council meetings are held monthly on Tuesdays, at 5 pm. A light meal is served at the meeting.


I’ve been elected, what now?

Please ensure that your grad secretary sends notice of your election to the GSS by email at

Successful candidates can contact Stacy Chappel at to provide contact information and obtain more information.



Please call/email Stacy Chappel at 472-5163/