University of Victoria Grad Student Society

Meet UVic Chancellor Shelagh Rogers! Next Tuesday, 3:15-4:15pm, near Petch Fountain. I have heard there will be cake and coffee!
Sep 22, 2017 @ 12:36pm

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2015 GSS Annual General Meeting

GSS Annual General meeting

When: October 25, 2016, 5 pm

Location: Grad House restaurant. A light dinner will be served at the meeting.

Invitees: All currently registered UVIC Graduate Students.

Who can vote?  Any current UVIC graduate student.

What to bring?  Your valid UVIC grad student ID.

Copies of the budget and proposed bylaw changes will be posted no later than October 18, 2016.



1. Approval of the agenda

2. Approval of minutes from the March 29, 2016 General Meeting

3. Reports of the Executive Board  

4. Reports of committees of the Society  

5. Presentation of the Audited Statements*

6. Reappointment of the auditors  


BIRT Obara & Company are reappointed as the Society's auditors.

7. Consideration motions received with notice*  

                The GSS will be presenting the following motions:

                - motions to update the Bylaws to bring them into compliance with the revised BC Society Act [read motions and briefing]

                - motions to update the Bylaws related to elections of the GSS Executive Board [read motions and briefing

                - a motion to authorize the GSS to borrow funds for a renovation of the Grad House Restaurant: 


BIRT the directors of the University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society by authorized to borrow funds for the purpose of renovating the Grad House restaurant in accordance with the renovation plan presented; and

BIFRT this authorization be valid up to the amount of $400,000; and

BIFRT this authorization is contingent on the GSS securing lending provisions that allow a reasonable expectation of loan repayment within seven years.

8. Other business  

9. Adjournment  


Distance students are welcome to attend the meeting by video conference. Please use the registration form here: to register her to attend by video conference and receive the meeting link.