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Committee Reps

Grad student representtives to UVIC committees and governing bodies

Elected April 1 2013 - March 31 2014

 Academic Accommodation and Accessibility for Students with a Disability Committee: Pamela Savage

Alumni Association Student and Alumni Programs Committee: Katrina Flanders

Appointment Committee Associate Dean of Graduate Studies: Matthew Johnston

Appointment Committee, Dean of Social Sciences: Paul Brewster

Changing the Culture of Substance Abuse committee: Fanie Collardeau

Childcare Advisory: Ori Granot

Convocation Committee: Emma Hughes

Educational Equity Advisory Group: Judy Walsh

Excellence in Teaching Award: Heiki Lettari

Faculty of Graduate Studies:  Ming Lei

Faculty of Humanities: Cara Doty

Faculty of Humanities Associate Dean Search Committee: Cara Doty

Farquarson Award Committee: Estelle Kurier

Grad Fee Reduction Appeals committee: Ming Lei

Health Promotion Community of Practice Committee: Jennifer McConnell and Tina Quade

Hiring Committee for the Director of the Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs: Judy Walsh

Multi-Faith Services Committee: Ming Lei

One Card Implementations: Gordon Black

Poster Policy: Gabrielle Sutherland

Recreation Advisory: Holly Heath

Residence Advisory: Anne Napoli

Search Committee for Associate Dean of Graduate Studies: Matthew Miskulin

Senate Awards Committee: Pavan Arora

Senate Budget Review Committee: Katrina Flanders

Senate Committee on Academic Standards: Brian Pollick/Jason Walters

Senate Committee on Appeals: Hiteshi Sharma

Senate Committee on Continuing Studies: Ahmed Altamini

Senate Committee on Libraries: Colleen Clement

Senate Committee on Planning: Jason Walters/Katrina Flanders

Senate Learning and Teaching Committee: Andreas Bergen

Steering Committee on UVIC's Strategic Objectives: Katrina Flanders

Stipend Review Committee: Maddy Wilson, Cara Doty, Daniel Powell

Sustainability Advisory: Anirban Kar

VP Research Appointment Committee: Katrina Flanders


Elected April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013

Acting Associate Dean of Fine Arts Search C: Dallas Hermanson

Alumni Association Committee to Award the Gillian Sherwin and Harry Hickman teaching awards: Mark Zion

Appointment Committee for the Director, International Affairs: Pål Skar

Campus Planning: Paula Johanson

Clubs Council (UVSS): Jon Potter

Faculty of Graduate Studies: Dallas Hermanson

Farquarson Award Committee: Sarah Dawson

Grad Fee Reduction Appeals Committee: Dallas Hermanson

Graduate Executive Committee (Faculty of Graduate Studies): Dallas Hermanson

Mental Health Task Force: Chelsea Tirling

Ombudsperson Advisory: Pål Skar

Ombudsperson Advisory Committee: Pål Skar

Senate Committee on Academic Standards: Brian Pollick

Senate Committee on Appeals: Matthew Riddett

Senate Committee on Awards: Jon Potter

Senate Committee on Continuing Studies: Maral Sotoudehnia

Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching: Dallas Hermanson

Senate Committee on Libraries: Colleen Clement

Senate Committee on Planning: Pål Skar

Social Sciences Committee on Equity: Matthew Riddett

Social Sciences Committee on Research and Teaching: Katherine Markham

Student & Campus Health Advisory Committee: Ghulam Mustafa

Student Aid BC Appeals Committee: Brian Pollick

VP Research Committee: Dallas Hermanson

Advisory Council on International Affairs: Pål Skar

Search Committee for University President: Dallas Hermanson

Childcare Advisory: Ori Granot

Residence Advisory: Ann Napoli

Academic Access & Accommodation for Students with a Disability: Holly Heath

Recreation Advisory: Holly Heath

One Card Implementations: Gordon Black

Poster Policy: Gabrielle Sutherland