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Grad Council Committees

ALL GSS members are welcome to attend and become members of Grad Council committees.

This page includes:

2015-2016 GRC Committee meeting schedule

Committee details about:

Communications Committee

Finance Committee

Services Committee (Social Events)

Student Affairs Committee

Organizational Development Committee

Sources of more information about GSS Committees

2015-2016 Committee meeting schedule

chart of committee meeting schedules



Committee details

Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Amanda McLaughlin, Director of Communications,

General Summary: the Communications Committee will be responsible for producing and reviewing all GSS communications to its members. This includes physical media, such as the GSS Handbook, online communications, such as the GSS Weekly Bulletin, as well as maintaining a GSS social media presence. The committee will develop advertising strategies related to the annual plan as well as promote GSS events and GSS elections.

This year, the goals of the committee are:

-Oversee the production of the yearly GSS Handbook (for the coming year);

-Oversee production of the weekly GSS Bulletin;

-Maintain GSS social media platforms;

-Develop and maintain a budget for all committee operations;

-Develop an Advertising strategy for GSS events for recommendation to the Executive Board;

-Develop a communications strategy relevant to the Annual Plan; and

-Carry out all other duties as directed by the Executive Board and GRC.

Finance Committee

Committee Chair: sasha kovalchuk, Director of Finance,

This year on the finance committee we will be reviewing the financial health of the organization and help draft a budget for the upcoming year(s). Big items on the agenda will include anticipating potential new costs if the renovation goes through and evaluating the Society's contributions to various constituency groups on campus. This committee is a great opportunity to shape and support the Society's sustainability of services and overall well-being.

I look forward to meeting all of you.

In solidarity,

sasha (Director of Finance)

Services committee (Social Events)

Committee chair: Hilary Cullen, Director of Services,

The services committee works together to plan, organize and promote social events for graduate students across campus. This year we will be working on events like student BBQs, monthly BINGO and Trivia events as well as day-trips to provincial parks, wineries, local farms, etc. Our events schedule is mostly planned for the year so our committee will be working together to make sure that that plan goes off without a hitch! There will be opportunities for committee members to assist with logistics planning, event set up, hosting, and many others. We will meet formally five times this academic year and then on an as needed basis for specific events.

Student Affairs Committee

Committee Chair: Elissa Whittington, Director of Student Affairs,

Do you want to be part of a committee that works effectively and efficiently on issues that affect graduate students? Consider joining the Student Affairs Committee!

Members: at least 2 graduate students elected by and from the Graduate Representative Council (GRC) – ideally 8 GRC members and 8 general members

Meetings: Meet for two hours, once a month (first meeting in October)

This year: The Student Affairs Committee will work on issues affecting graduate students, campaigns, and strategic planning for the 2016-17 Annual Plan.

At our first meeting we will look at the 2015-16 Annual Plan and discuss possible priorities to focus on for the coming year. Based on interest expressed by committee members, we will decide which of the following issues to actively work on this year:

- Research Assistants’ Legal Status

- British Columbia Graduate Scholarship

- Supervisory Relationship

These three issues were identified during the development of the 2015-16 Annual Plan. The Student Affairs Committee can choose to work on any or all of these issues this year. Separate working groups will be formed for each issue (working groups will be given time during each monthly meeting). Committee members or the GRC can introduce new issues or campaigns throughout the year.

Meetings in February and March will develop recommendations for the 2016-17 Annual Plan.

Organizational Development

Committee chair: Katrina Flanders, Chair,

The Organizational Development Committee in general reviews the Society’s policy manual and by-laws and makes recommendations to the GSS on all matters pertaining to these areas. This year in particular, the Org Dev committee will be working on updating the Policy Manual, which can be found at We would like to bring it more in line with current procedures as well as remove some unclear areas and re-format some language around committee compositions.

More information

GSS committees are governed by GSS policy and by our Constitution and Bylaws. You can learn more about GSS governance and read the 2015-16 Strategic Plan here: