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Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:00am

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Graduate Representative Council

The Graduate Representative Council (GRC) is comprised of one representative from each academic department with a graduate program at UVic, the five member GSS Executive Board, and a representative of CUPE 4163 (representing sessionals and teaching and research assistants). The GRC meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm in the Grad Centre between September and April.

Representatives to the Council are elected by students within their respective department each September. For more information on running to be your department rep to the GSS, see here.

To review the Gradudate Representative Council Orientation manual, visit here.


2016-2017 Grad Rep council membership: September 2016- August 2017

Biochemistry and Microbiology: Teesha Baker
Biology: Marie Vance and Rande Kanne
Business: Ankit Degan
Chemistry: Vacant
Child and Youth Care: Julia Cox
Community Development: Vacant
Computer Science: Pooja Bhojwani
CUPE 4163: Vacant
Curriculum and Instruction: Vacant
Dispute Resolution: Alyson Miller and Deniela Gunn-Deorge
Earth and Ocean Sciences: Vacant
Economics: Benjamin Paterson
Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies: Josh Meyer
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Haroon Ali Akbar
English: David Eso
Environmental Studies: Siobhan Darlington
Exercise Science, Physical Health and Education: Stephen Leuhr
French: Vacant
Geography: Lauren Farmer
Germanic and Slavic Studies: Kate Ehle and Lauren Thompson
Greek and Roman Studies: Lee Anderson
Health Information Science: Vacant
Hispanic and Italian Studies: Vacant
History: Carla Osborne
Indigenous Education: Vacant
Indigenous Governance: Vacant
Interdisciplinary Studies: Kimi Dominic
Law: Ngozi Sunday Nwoko
Linguistics: Adar Anisman
Mathematics and Statistics: Joseph Horan
Mechanical Engineering: Markus Sommerfeld and Nicholas Bruce
Music: Betty Allison
Neuroscience: Anastasia Litke
Nursing: Vacant
Pacific and Asian Studies: Vacant
Philosophy: Vacant
Physics and Astronomy: Cory Shankman
Political Science: Janice Dowson and Susan Kim
Psychology: Hannah Mohun
Public Administration: Christian Galitzine
Public Health and Social Policy: Vacant
Social Dimensions of Health: Cynthia Nwachukwu
Social Work: Vacant
Sociology : Kevin McCartney
Theatre: Sandra Chamberlain-Snider
Visual Arts: Maddy Knott
Writing: Vacant